Why is tapering off medication better?

Tapering off medication gradually has several benefits. Watch the video below for a brief explanation.

Smaller chance of a relapse

Minimizes withdrawal symptoms

Better chance of reducing/quitting medication intake successfully

Project Tapering

Taperingstrips allow you to regulate the tempo of your dose reduction over time and enable you to taper off medication more gradually, conveniently and safely than is possible using currently available standard medication doses, thereby minimizing withdrawal symptoms.



In a taperingstrip, medication is packaged in a roll or strip of small daily pouches. Each pouch is numbered and has the same or slightly lower dose than the package before it.



Taperingstrips come in series covering 28 days and patients can use one or more taperingstrips to regulate the tempo of their dose reduction over time. Dose and day information printed on each pouch allow patients to precisely record and monitor the progress of their reduction.

For whom?

Taperingstrips are developed for medication in cases where doing so improves the medical care available and meets an unmet need. See the list with available tapering strips.